almonte core saw safety parts

  • Workplace safety and OHS protocols are critical in this modern day and thus, Almonte prides itself ultimately on the safety of the operator.
  • The blade safety hood is tamper-proof, so the saw will not operate if the uniquely magnetically coded RFID sensor is not aligned (A non-Almonte saw can be bypassed with a metal object).
  • The feed chain is guarded so cannot be accessed by the operator, eliminating a possible hazard. Also, the guarded chain has pushers attached thus creating a safe space between the core holders eliminating another possible hazard of finger pinch points which again can occur with the other saw on the market where the operator can place one core holder directly up against the other, Almonte prefers to have a gap for safety.
  • IP66 Rated control buttons, Especially the Emergency stop button (or the E-Stop button) are located on the front of the saw immediately in front of the operating/core loading position so in the case of an emergency, the E-Stop button can not only be activated using a hand but also, if needed, with the body or knee for example, rather than having to lean/reach over moving parts or having to take a couple of side steps to then lean/reach of the blade hood to stop the saw which is the case with the other saw on the market.
  • Imagine if, for some reason the operator is stood in the core loading position and their right hand becomes caught (which it could do if the operator is wearing gloves and the feed chain is exposed), how do they reach the E-Stop button with their left hand if it is on the other side of the blade hood?
  • Unlike another saw on the market the Almonte Core Saw conforms to all the acts relating to safety in all the codes of practices.
  • Blade hood has an ergonomic lifting handle, incorporating a guard to prevent hands being placed under the hood and to contain rock fragments during the cutting process.
  • A full set of Safety/Warning/Instruction labels are fully visible to the operator.
  • Cut away panel at the rear of the feed gulley eliminates a potential crush point when using reverse mode.
  • The main gulley has three bars running through it, the two outside bars are structural and support the core guides as they are moving through while the centre bar creates a safety barrier from the moving chain.
  • Awarded the CE mark of approval to be legitimately sold and operated in Europe.
  • Conforms to CSA standards for the North American market.
  • Has a Cat 4 rated Electrical Safety standard. This is the highest possible available in Australia.
  • Core holders have handles for safe, ergonomic and easy handling.
  • Professional training video available online or on USB.
  • An information Pack containing Pre-check, operating, safety and maintenance procedures.
  • On-site training for operators is available at our facility (new operators or refreshers) at no cost.
  • The drive feed activation is linked to blade operation. Neither operates in isolation to the other.
  • Computer controlled drives constantly monitor blade speed, pressure and feed chain speed. Operation shuts down if maximum pressure is exceeded.
  • A reverse drive mode to enable safe, easy clearance of obstructions.

Almonte Diamond Pty Ltd

After extensive research and development, Almonte Diamond Pty Ltd has designed a core saw that fills the need of the mining and exploration industry for a highly efficient and safe core cutting machine.

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