The Almonte Recycling Unit

The Almonte Recycling Unit
  • The water recycle unit was designed with water preservation in the forefront of our minds.
  • Using the water recycle unit will save hundreds of litres per shift.
  • It has a maximum capacity of 200 litres.
  • The externally mounted, heavy duty water pump is manufactured by Davey and can be supplied with either 50Hz or 60Hz single phase power supply.
  • After researching, we found that a submersible pump, due to being under water which contains various minerals, was more likely to have corrosion issues with the seals. Having an externally mounted pump means that we are not limited by size and have chosen a pump with a possible output of 225 lpm and has a Stainless Steel impeller and main pump shaft.
  • Although the pump is external and not submersed, we still chose one that has corrosion resistant componentry and is fitted with thermo protection for safety.
  • The tank is fabricated from aluminium and is primed and powder coated. It is supplied with all the fittings to use immediately with the Core saw.
  • No changes need to be made to your Core saw for it have a recycle unit, even if you’ve not used one before. The tank will simply butt up against the saw so the water draining from the saw falls directly into the tank.


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The Almonte Core Saw

the almonte core saw
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Variable core sizing

Handles all core from BQ to PQ. Pieces up to 400mm long may be cut. Fractured core samples are also handled easily.

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The frame is sturdily constructed from heavy duty steel. The top, centre gulley and the blade hood are fabricated from stainless steel. To further resist corrosion and to provide years of hard work and reliability all parts are also primed and powder coated. The control buttons are protected by two stainless steel bars to minimise the risk of damage.

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Almonte Worldwide Safety Standards

The Almonte Core Saw has qualified for the following Safety standards:

  • C E – The Almonte Core Saw passed all the vigorous tests to be awarded the safety mark “CE” from the European authorities
  • AS 4024 .1501 – Plant Safety in the Mining Industry
  • Cat 4 – The Almonte Core Saw qualifies for a Category 4 rating. The Almonte Core saw complies and is recognised by the Australian Safety Standard and are quality controlled by a licensed electrical engineer.
  • Conforms to CSA standards for the North American Market
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Operator Safety

Workplace safety and OHS protocols are critical in this modern day and thus, Almonte prides itself ultimately on the safety of the operator.

Click here for more information on safety features

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Operator Controls

After serious consideration, investigation and advice, we concluded that the buttons are best positioned on the front of the saw so that the operator has immediate access to the controls. The E-Stop button can be activated with any part of the body in the case of an emergency without having to lean or reach over moving parts. Therefore conforming to section 57 of the code of practice “safeguarding of machinery & plant” under the OS & H act.

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Noise reduction

The sound insulation dramatically reduces noise levels and noise fatigue.

Almonte spare parts 

Spare Parts

Almonte carry a full range of spare parts. All Parts are ex works and in Stock at all times, to ensure your machine stays up and running.

Suits most power supplies

Almonte Automatic Core Saws are available in models to suit most power supplies around the world.

Water Drainage

The majority water, dust and mud spill drains away. Mess is reduced to a tidy minimum.

Warranty Protection

12 months written warranty applies on motor and gearbox components under normal operating conditions. Replaceable components such as chains and blades are not covered by the warranty. The use of Non Almonte blades and consumables can cause unseen damage and will void warranty!


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The Almonte Core Saw Blades

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Almonte Core Guides

Almonte Diamond Pty Ltd

After extensive research and development, Almonte Diamond Pty Ltd has designed a core saw that fills the need of the mining and exploration industry for a highly efficient and safe core cutting machine.

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